Storytelling Knits Together Spoken Word, Song, Art, Even Science

“We tell stories to render and order our world, to imagine, to connect and to live — even if some of our manuscripts are best left in a box.”

Storytelling is the theme of my Guelph Mercury column this week. A singer-songwriter turned train troubadour is a natural storyteller. But we find tellers and stories in other creative pursuits, including visual art, music and even science.

Here’s a link:

Guelph Singer-Songwriter James Gordon Visits CFRU Radio With Rail Tales and Tunes

Riding the rails across western Canada aboard the Canadian with Guelph singer-songwriter James Gordon.

That’s what we did this week on my radio show From the Second Storey, aired on CFRU 93.3 FM in Guelph, Ontario.

James visited live to sing and tell¬† stories from his travels. We also played a few tracks from his 2013 CD, Coyote’s Calling.

From Longevity John to a crew of drifters who pilfered Gordon’s CDs to hawk at the pawn shop, check out “rail tales and tunes” from this born storyteller here:¬† Click on entry for Monday Jan. 13.