Sound, Music and a City Listening Tour Topics of CFRU Radio Show

Sue Smith, David Knight and Gary Diggins with Sue's homemade "bell tree" at CFRU radio station in Guelph, Ontario.

Sue Smith, David Knight and Gary Diggins with Sue’s homemade “bell tree” at CFRU radio station in Guelph, Ontario.

Did you know that the song of a blue whale swimming off Canada’s eastern coast can be heard all the way down in the Caribbean? The catch: You’d have to be another blue whale or at least the correctly tuned listening device to pick up the long-wave message.

“Sonic” is the theme of my radio show this week on CFRU 93.3 FM in Guelph, Ontario.

Singer-songwriter Sue Smith, music therapist Gary Diggins and David Knight, an archeoacoustician, joined me live in the studio to talk about sound, listening and music.

Whale music, too — including that bit of blue whale trivia from Sue, a fan of all things cetacean. We played Into the Dark, her track on a new recording called Towards a Little Light from Guelph’s Ondine Chorus due out this spring.

David Knight sang a sixth-century Ravennate chant recorded using the acoustic parameters of the Basilica of San Vitale — effectively the first public airing of this piece in centuries.

Gary Diggins talked about the benefits of sonic therapy for clients and about his new book to be self-published this year called All Ears: Listening as a Mindful Practice.

They also talked about the idea of a city listening tour. Close your eyes, walk around your town or city, and listen for the signature sounds of where you live. What does your city sound like?

Have a listen here: